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What does it mean if a stranger's dog runs up to me panting,waging their tail,smelling me,and licking me?

Tweet Sometimes when someone is walking their dog their dog comes at me.Sometimes they are leached and sometimes they are not and their owner laughs and says he’s friendly or she’s friendly and sometimes when I walk in my neighborhood a dog I don’t know runs at me then they pant and wag their and […]


enough room for my dogs?

Tweet i have 4 inside dogs which stay in my room with me bc my mother doesnt let them run around in the house and i dont think my room is big enough for them and my mom said if i get enough room for them then i have to get rid of some of […]


PUPPY HELP ASAP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Tweet hi there, i asked this before but would add more detail because it would not let me before, basically can i keep my 8 week GSD pup outdoors? I have a back garden with a huge wall around it. I have built a kennel with lots of insulation between all da sides and have […]


How to train three dogs?

Tweet I have three dogs. One male who is very smart and house broken. He is very inteligent but when he is with my two females he is naughty! My first female is a beagle mix with greman shepard! Weird I know but she looks like a beagle and is adorable se will sit but […]


Help! We just got married but our pets don't get along!?

Tweet My hubby has a 110 lb pit bull and I have a 4 lb chihuahua. He says no pets inside I say chi should stay inside and his pit outside. The pit is on a runner which he escapes from often. The chi is in a large kennel or loose in yard. Yesterday the […]

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