Can't stand my job already..what should I do? Working at this particular animal shelter is not what I thought.

So, I just started working at a local animal shelter–basically my dream job. I just got out of the fast food business, and was very excited to start working for the city..until I started a week ago. The place is very small. We have 8 or 10 kennels until we have no more room for dogs, and the many small cages are cram-packed with cats/kittens. I’m the only one that does the work, and though there aren’t many animals to take care of, it’s difficult to do on your own. The four women who work there aren’t directly rude to me, but it’s obvious that they don’t appreciate my work, and never offer to help, or even compliment anything I do. They usually just stay in the front room, take calls, and gossip with one another. Though I do thoroughly enjoy the animals, I find myself dreading to go to work each day, and waiting for the clock to signal my leave. My hours got cut shorter before I even started, and I can’t afford to keep it only working 20 hours a week..what should I do?

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3 Responses to “Can't stand my job already..what should I do? Working at this particular animal shelter is not what I thought.”

  1. jaiseq says:

    Stay there. A week isn’t long enough to find out if a job is for you or not. I’d give it at least a month to adjust.

    If you decide it’s still not for you, get another job before you hand in your notice. If you have to tell your new employer you left your previous job because you couldn’t stand it, they’ll think you’d do the same to them.

  2. betsy032187 says:

    Find another job. Look for something a little bigger and a better atmoshpere to work in.

  3. the_looney_fish says:

    if this is your dream job what are you thinking? you should be there for the animals not the annoyiing women. just think how much you are helping these animals. you are doing more for them than anyone else there. they deserve your care. the animals not the humans. and who cares if the women do not appreciate you. you should know your doing a good job from the happy animals you are helping. maybe your not cut out for working with animals, you think it may be easy. its not. been working with animals all my life and had some interesting jobs but kept them and learnt new things from all and i knew i was doing all i could for these animals. thats what kept me going and some of the work i did was for free. imaginre of you werent there how the animals will get treated.

    you cant throw this job away if you really do want to get into the animal feild as its super hard to get your foot in the door. do not throw away an oppertunity to make this shelter and animals happier. you will learn alot.

    oh and with money matters you may want to look for another part time job to keep you afloat. trust me its worth all the hard work in the end when you save an animals life.

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