Can anyone answer a goat fencing question?

I will have two goats for about 5 months (Im in 4 H) My plan so far is to use the old chain link dog kennel to keep their shelter in and build their house around it. The question is…what fencing to use? I want something fairly inexpensive and most importantly will keep coyotes OUT. That is my biggest thing. Preferably someone with goat experience to answer

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    2 Responses to “Can anyone answer a goat fencing question?”

    1. Luka Lukic says:

      All you need is a Pro.
      Just visit:

    2. ? says:

      STRONGEST: use 2×4 horse fencing, with a hot wire on the outside top and bottom. ( keeps the ‘yotes out) Put a third hot wire at nose level on the inside(keeps the goats in)
      CHEAPER: wood 3x3s as posts, top and bottom 2×4 wood.rails. use poultry wire between top and bottom rails. Again- 3 rows of hot wire.

      Put something for the goats to play ‘king of the mountain’ on in their pasture area.

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