Building an outdoor cage for a duck?

Anyone have any suggestions on some cheap options to build an enclosure for a duck. I need something that I can put a top on. I’ve tried chicken wire and some massive dog tore it apart and got my last duck so chicken wire is not an option unless you have an option to somehow make it ultra strong. So I need something sturdy and something other animals can’t get into. Or if anyone knows an websites with cheap outside dog kennels that’d be great too since that would be what’s ideal but I don’t have spend 0 to spend on an enclosure for a duck that’s just recuperating before I release back into the wild if possible.

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4 Responses to “Building an outdoor cage for a duck?”

  1. BabyIsMyWorld says:

    I know what u mean. I myself have a duck. My sister and I bought 4 of them and a raccoon ate 2. The other one died from too much blood loss. So my sister keeps our last one in the house. She took some old shirts and towels and made duck diapers for her. All u need to do is cut it so it fits around the duck and take some string and lace up the back like a football. If, u wanted to keep it in the house. If not, you can check local pet stores for cages. I do not recommend rabbit cages. That’s how ours got aten. Good Luck!

  2. Trust Me I'm a Doctor ♥ says:

    You don’t need to keep a recuperating duck, you need to give it to a rehab centre, ducks are sociable creatures and get depressed on their own. You might think you are acting in the ducks’ best interests but you probably aren’t.

    You would need a pen 10ft x 15ft for 2 ducks. This needs a shed/coop in it as well about 3ft x 4ft square and 4-5ft high so you can get in to clean it out. A small shed is best.

    Ideally you need to be able to move the pen as they make mud of any ground very quickly. They will need room too a bath/pond (not a kiddies paddling pond they can get waterlogged and drown in them).

    Ducks are hard work, give injured/sick ducks to the experts to care for.

  3. lil' miss kiss says:

    The website dog beds and crates has some cheap stuff but you have to order online. That’s a pain in the butt for some people.

  4. Fish <>< says:

    Make a cage out of wood and hardware cloth. I doubt a dog can get into hardware cloth. I let mine run loose in a fenced in area. They let me know when they are too cold and I let them in the chicken house. My chicken house is a wood storage shed that I can lock up at night. I have good ventilation that is up high and nothing can get to it.

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