Building a Commercial Dog Boarding Kennel: part three

Waste management. concrete floor and more

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    7 Responses to “Building a Commercial Dog Boarding Kennel: part three”

    1. Benmydoggymad says:

      hello again.. can you email prices for hole kennel please.
      and when will you be making your next video also where is this kennel being built because i would like to come and have a look at it.
      thanks ben

    2. MrsMagddaa says:

      Please email me at I wanted to know how much roughly it costs to build a kennel,and where do you find a retail store that supplies the fencing,and metal doors,thanks so much

    3. HURONANGEL says:

      Thank you. More videos to come. Designing and building a dog boarding kennel can be very difficult. My approach is to keep dogs calm, and have the ability for one person to take care of many dogs with less effort and issues like fence fighting, intimidation, escaping, kennel noise, maintenance, clean up,. while designing the kennel components (dog runs, play areas, training and walk areas, kitchen, reception area) for operational efficiency.

    4. Benmydoggymad says:

      hello again can you email me total prices please
      email me on

    5. whipit4me says:

      Cool video!! Hope things are working out for you. Take care, Wire

    6. benny098100 says:

      when will u be making your next video email me please :
      I love your designs so much and after watching your videos i want to build my own kennel….. How much did your kennel cost to build including: the building and the kennels its self ??????

    7. iawardle says:

      Jake & Elwood – Awesome looking GSD’s.
      The boarding kennel is looking great.
      Keep up the good work.

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