boarding kennel question?


I’m boarding my little min pin for the first time for 5 nights this week. I’m familiar with the kennel so I’m not worried about that but I do want to know what I can do to make his stay more comfortable. He’s not used to sleeping alone (he sleeps in the bed under the covers) and I’m worried that he’s going to be cold. It’s a concrete kennel with a raised area to sleep on off the floor. I was thinking of bringing a sleeping bag for him to go into but I don’t know if he would figure it out. Any ideas?
he is crate trained but he’s also extremely spoiled and i’m worried he’s gong to die or something (someone i know boarded there dog at the vet for a few days and he passed in his sleep 🙁 )
the kennel actually said to bring bedding and toys etc..

and i know he’s cold because he seeks out the absolutely hottest places he can find.. (on the heater vent, under 1000 blankets..) he’s actually not nervous at all

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5 Responses to “boarding kennel question?”

  1. DogBoardingGuy says:

    Just bring a nice warm blanket, I would not go as far as a sleeping bag, he will never figure it out. Make sure it is a blanket you do not mind getting dirty or being damaged in some way, things in kennels have tendency to get dirty or damaged. Also yes, good idea to put your sent on it, or just also bring a unwashed t-shirt there also. You can maybe ask the caregiver to wrap the blanket around him..but he way wriggle out of it. He should be fine with a blanket, I would not do or bring anything else. You can see this website for more info (

  2. Myra says:

    When we had two Min. Schnauzers and two Harleys on occasion we would board them at their vets. Always took their bed, toys and food. It helped that the girls knew the people. Plus the Vet knew how to get hold of us or we would call in and ck. on them. If you are not worried about this kennel just call and ck. in on him. If he has any medical conditions let them know and also give them the name and number of your vet. Enjoy

  3. popatty1 says:

    I would check with the Kennel, but I used to bring my dogs personal blanket so that she’d have a familiar smell around her while we were boarding her. She did not like being boarded but it helped with the transition.

  4. Critters R Yummy says:

    No, kennels are generally pretty annoyed by you bringin loads of personal items that make YOU feel better about boarding your dog.

    Dogs generally adapt to boarding quite quickly, and you can tell them to put down extra bedding for him. If it is a good kennel they will meet his needs as they se how he adapts.

    PS. like 90% or Minpin shaking is nerves, as opposed to actually being cold, generally.

  5. kdoulos says:

    You can always rub a nice dog bed or blanket all over you to get your scent on it and leave that with him to make him more comfortable. Also, bring his favorite toy so the workers can play with him. If he has a coat, and won’t mind the coat or the workers putting it on and taking it off him, I suggest a coat for such a tiny dog if the area you live in is cold like where I am.
    Its always better to have someone pet/house sit for you, but if that isn’t an option, make sure to make your dog as comfortable in the kennel as possible. Oh, and if your dog is on a different food than they feed at the kennel, make sure to bring enough food for your dog’s stay, and TELL THEM TO FEED HIM YOUR FOOD!!! If they change his food, he’s gonna get the runs, so you wanna make sure he’s on the same food as well. That will also make his stay less traumatic.

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