Ariël & Jim – disney crossover – gotta be somebody

Music: Nickelback – Gotta be somebody Movies: The little mermaid & Traesure planet. I don’t own the music nor the clips uses to make this crossover-video Storyline: Jim arrives at Eric castle where he can work as a cleaner. Ariel is a shipwreck survivor. Jim spots her and falls instantly in love, when Eric’s dog runs after her. Eric takes her to his castle so she has somewhere to stay. Jim just goes ahead doing his job and tries to forget Ariël. When the announcement is made that Eric will marry Ariel, everybody is happy except Jim. He’s just shocked. Ariël runs downstairs to see what all the commotion is all about. But at the same moment Eric says “To bad I couldn’t find somebody else, but she will do” When Eric and Jim see that Ariel is hurt, Eric thinks she’ll get over it. But Jim is concerned. Jim tells Eric he’s a jerk, but Eric (being a prince) threatens to throw Ariel out on the street. Jim doesn’t know what to do anymore. He knows Ariel is unhappy and that he love her. But how can he make that clear to her? And is it a good idea to let her know? Just when he decides not to tell her, he spots her at her window. And he can’t help it, he really does love her. Jim climbs on a scaffolding in the garden so he can see her better, while Ariel arrives for dinner. Ariel tries to act happy, but she is still upset with what Eric said. When she sees Jim outside the window, she finds him funny. And Jim tries everything to make her smile. Ariel falls in love and is watching Jim

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9 Responses to “Ariël & Jim – disney crossover – gotta be somebody”

  1. Droomkous says:

    thank you so much!

  2. FightingAngel101 says:

    i cant get enough of watching this video its awesome and the song fits perfectly!!!

  3. bellamydog12 says:

    @Droomkous: You’re very welcome :]

  4. Droomkous says:

    @bellamydog12 thank you!

  5. bellamydog12 says:

    This song is the story of my life xD As for this video, its amazing 😀 Story and all. I can’t see why its under-rated as well as watched….

  6. melsibrith says:

    i didn’t mean to delete my comment. i thought i double posted it. ^^; still a great vid.

  7. Droomkous says:

    @TheLuth31 Thanks!

  8. TheLuth31 says:

    wonderful ! I love the song and the story you have created. A love triangle with a happy ending !! Bravo !!

  9. Droomkous says:

    @melsibrith thank you!

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