Or just mine. I have had a black male pug for just 3 years and ever since he was a puppy
he would cry either when he was hungry, excited, nervous, mad, or just simply out when
he is bored it seems like. At nights i do lock him up in his kennel as he like to sleep on the
bed only and underneath the covers but it doesnt fail everyday at 6:30am he begins to cry
and whimper. But it not that he is hungry or needs to go to restroom, as soon as i let him
out, he charges for bedroom and digs himself underneath covers and begins to snore a storm
away. I have gotten use to this but am simply just asking if all pugs are like this or just ROCCO??

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4 Responses to “ARE ALL PUGS CRY BABIES?”

  1. jabber says:

    Take a sniff. I think I smell a spoiled dog! Not all pugs (or all dogs of any breed) do this. You have shown Rocco that he will get what he wants if he cries. He’s no dummy, he’ll cry to get what he wants. You can live with it or try to retrain him. You may need to ask a pro (call your local pet store about training classes) for help.

  2. mommy says:

    "he charges for bedroom and digs himself underneath covers and begins to snore a storm"

    Awwwwww thats so adorable, but I am sure the whimpering and crying is not .
    My neighbor has 3 and they constantly barked.
    I think its just his way of communicating.

  3. scream 4 life says:

    no its just sad pugs are cute i like pugs more than any breed pugs cry just like we do maybe it is depressed

  4. frankthepug2007 says:

    Pugs are extremely devoted to their owner. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more loving, loyal dog. My pug (also black and male) is pretty much my shadow. He doesn’t "cry" but when I used to shut him out of my room, he would freak out and scratch at the door so hard it left deep marks in the wood. Once I opened the door, everything was fine once he was by my side. The same thing happens if I attempt to put him in a crate only then he jumps around and knocks it over. As long as he is with me, he is happy as a clam.

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