Apple OS4 is HERE

My twitter: G20 Summit toronto 2010 Details: Dog runs owner over with truck (FL): First grade condoms: Enjoy 🙂

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25 Responses to “Apple OS4 is HERE”

  1. chillxX33 says:

    no u dont give a first grafer a condom they dont even know wat sex is wtf people are fucking idiots. damn first grade chicks dont even have TITS yet

  2. TheVDayFaerie says:

    theyr stupid. letn kids get sex ed nevrythin @ 1st grd is threason 4 yung pregnancies. n letn them dress like hookers doesnt help. and cellfones n myspaces 4 kids undr 14 contributes. their generation is a generation of pimps n whores.

  3. bety20 says:

    no condoms to 6 year old!!! lol

  4. BlondeAtTheRoots says:

    im in ireland and by the sounds of things its a bad option but how old are 1st graders lol love the vid as always keep up the good work 🙂 xxxx

  5. kobel64 says:

    wow fail !!!! iphone couldnt multitask? until now? fukin retards … UHHHHHHHH im steve jobs and im A TOTAL DICK!

  6. thEannoyingE says:

    Andrew why do you spell ‘think’ wrong in your yt name?

  7. sanctumchild100 says:

    I personally think they are making it worse, only because its first graders they can’t even get it up, and seriously if give them to anyone give them to people who are having sex and getting girls pregnant not children in first grade

  8. thevery21 says:

    this is the day i lost my virginity.

  9. marisky1095 says:

    Thing is………..Subscribe button is not yellow anymore 🙁

  10. bluedragonfly4 says:

    Condoms to 1st graders!!! How sad, a little 1st grader shouldn’t even know what sex is. And I think think that by handing out condoms to kids in general is just a way of saying “it’s okay to have sex before marriage”. Where are their moral values? I know kids are experimenting more these days with sex. But they shouldn’t be made to believe that it’s okay.
    By the way, I stumbled upon your videos and I think you are awesome. Love em’

  11. labiaman says:

    Apparently Colonel Mustard will “appear” once again in court.
    Time for a super DERISIVE post about that misfit!!!!

  12. amazinggirly19 says:

    I find giving people condoms gives them a reason to have sex, if they don’t have condoms they may be afraid to have sex because the won’t want to get pregnant.

  13. snoopboy424 says:

    yo i might get the 4GS do u think its a good phone?

  14. CozzaDoc says:

    i am a big fan of you but i have to be honest , i wasnt too keen on this one 🙁 x

  15. rethy1 says:

    I bet the 1st graders are wondering why the free balloons are so greasy and oily, stupids idea ever.. That is all. Over and out..(makes popping sound with lips)

  16. tauwilltriumph says:

    @WhatIThinke It’s been jailbroken MONTHS ago, ha ha. If you’ve upgraded to 4.0 already, though – you’re screwed.

    I accidentally did that with my 3GS, now not only do I have a simlock on it, but I can’t jailbreak 🙁

  17. CrazynathanToday22 says:

    Kesha is a first grader, so yes, first graders need condoms.

  18. fluffybunny360 says:

    Jesus, I didn’t even know what sex was in the first grade >.>

  19. NAxBlackout says:


  20. strickerman101 says:

    i think that they are making it worse i mean like really if u don’t introduce it to them, then they are ganna want to do it more

  21. loveyajobros says:

    but you still dont have a jailbreak for it!! just for the ipod touch 3g :S

  22. Goosey182008 says:

    They are definitely making it worse and they are retarded for handing them out. I think it’ll cause more problems than fix problems.

  23. WhatIThinke says:

    @RoulinBrooks where is Osama when you need him 🙂

    Lets forget all of the bullshit and useless jobs for idiot cops. I would rather see that money go into the economy even if its funneled into public services like new roads, new highways (additional), things that improve our city and limit traffic so we dont all sit in traffic like idiots 2 hours a day on an otherwise 30 minute commute

    My home taxes were just raised actually by $400 a year, i wonder where that money is going

    Politics is a joke

  24. RoulinBrooks says:

    This G20 thing is one huge fucking joke. A BILLION dollars just for security. Security for a bunch of asshole politicians to sit around accomplishing nothing and posing for photo ops. It’s insane. Not one Canadian is in favour of this ridiculous summit.

  25. WhatIThinke says:

    @tauwilltriumph 3GS

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