anyone know a good doggie daycamp near Disney World in Orlando?

I am planning a trip to disney world in February and want to take my dog with me. I know the disney parks have kennels however I will not leave my dog in a crate all day long, she has too much energy and needs play time. I have a list of dog friendly hotels but would prefer to have a good place to bring her for the day while I am at a park, rather than leaving her in the hotel room alone. Does anyone have a good daycare in the area that is cage-less and provides daycare on the weekends? I have looked online and have not found too much. Thanks for your help!

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    1. You asked... I answered says:

      You didn’t mention what hotel you plan to stay at, but just so you know, animals are NOT allowed in any of the Disney resorts unless they are service animals. The absolute only Disney place that animals are allowed is in private camping vehicles (RV, travel trailer, 5th Wheel, etc) at Disney Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. They can only be kept in private camping equipment that has AC, so, tent camping or the FW cabins would not allow pets.

      While Fort Wilderness does have a play area for off leash dogs as well as walking trails, they must be with their owner at all times. They are otherwise kenneled and are only brought out of their kennel by their owner, so plan for frequent trips to the kennel. Kennels are also located at the Ticket and Transportation Center, and the entrances to the theme parks. You can board overnight there, however, the facilities are unmonitored, meaning there is not a person with them all night long.

      I’m all for travelling with a pet if you are able to spend some time with them, like vacationing to a state park where you can hike or swim in the lake with them. Just sticking them with a "doggy-sitter" so you can have a good time all day long… doesn’t make sense to me. Ask a trusted friend or family member to watch your dog or contact your vet and ask for recommended boarding facilities or pet sitters that will come to your house and give your dog some attention. You and your dog will be happier and less stressed.

    2. Donna L says:

      The Disney Kennels require you to visit your dog several times a day to exercise her. The kennel at Fort Wilderness has Waggin’ Trails dog park, a large open space where dogs can run WITH their masters.

      Your best bet may be to find someone at home who will care for your dog while you visit the World.

      Good luck, and good trip!

      • Benne says:

        There is no a beautiful new full-service pet care facility at Walt Disney World. The old cage kennels have been closed. They have day camp and play groups and other activities. You don’t have to come back to walk your pet; although they do have dog park if you want to visit. Check it out: I took my two dogs with me and they stayed in a villa and had a great time.

    3. ladydaisy says:

      I do not have a dog and I mean this with the utmost respect. Why do you take your dog with you in the first place??

    4. Susan T says:

      Bass Pet Motel in Kissimmee offers day care except on sundays. You could board her overnight if you really needed to . It is about 5 miles from the Disney gate off the 192 and Bass Road. It is near t Medieval Times, if you know where that is. Look up their website. I know it’s a good place with indoor and outdoor runs. They are not in cages and for a couple of extra bucks, they will take your dog outside for play time, individual or in groups, as you wish. I have taken my dog there often and he loves to go. He always has fun and comes home pooped. You’ll need reservations, so call ahead as they book up fast.

      Hope you both have fun !

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