Animal Advocates Protest Cruelty at Pet & Aquarium Center, Santa Monica

peaceful protesters shot during rally against inhumane business in Santa Monica, CA cruel business practices of Pets & Aquarium Center store at 826 Wilshire Blvd. Protest Puppy Mills – BOYCOTT inhumane pet stores!

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9 Responses to “Animal Advocates Protest Cruelty at Pet & Aquarium Center, Santa Monica”

  1. killingmyshadow93 says:

    Shot at by air rifle. Air rifle = bb gun

  2. hollywoodjinky says:

    This store has since converted to a humane business model, saving the lives of shelter animals every day. We salute the Lee family for making the wise and ethical decision to change their business practices of buying puppy mill animals.

    Please shop here for all your supplies and adopt a pet today!
    Carole Davis, Companion Animal Protection Society

  3. northerntoe says:

    i dont really see the problem here are people being harmed by these dogs or are they unhealthy when purchased, unless the product is inferior why is there a problem with these breeding facilities

  4. samoyed81966 says:

    These pet shop owners are nothing but ignorant, sick-minded people. They need to get their heads screwed on right and go humane. If I was a pet shop owner, I can get dogs from animal shelters, not puppy mills. Govenor Schwarzenegger is also a very sick-minded person as well. I wish that Govenor Schwarzeneeger should be impeached and should be treated as a criminal. I also wish that Maria Shriver should divorce Govenor Schwarzenegger as well.

  5. Alaizia says:

    see you all today again. and again until this nightmare stops!

  6. rx2008 says:

    the bastards should be ashamed of themselves – running puppy mills for the sake of making a buck, a friggin’ worthless piece of paper.

  7. hollywoodjinky says:

    Thank you Stephanie, Chris, Pia, for putting the talking points out there for people to understand clearly that pet stores that sell live animals are places to avoid completely because to spend one penny in such a place is to inadvertantly support animal cruelty. Until the public connects the dots, we must continue educating, so THANK you! Somebody please send this to the Governor. He needs to know how unfair he was to animals when he bowed down to the pet trade industry. He needs to think.

  8. CharmingFilms says:

    GREAT JOB! Thanks so much for making this. It’s so important to get the word out about pet stores and puppy mills.

  9. binkelsteinlouie says:

    Great informative video, everyone across the nation should view this and know the fraud these stores are committing. Please join us every Saturday to inform the public about puppy mills, Aquarium Pet Center 8th & Wilshire Santa Monica!

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