After BMT my dog hates my husband

So my husband and I were married before he joined the AF, so of course we already had a house and dog and everything else. Well to make a long story short, after my husband came back from basic and after I moved myself and dog to where hubby was, the dog has freaked out. He is scared to death of my husband and runs away peeing the whole way if my husband gets close to him. He hides in his kennel all day if my husband is home and only comes out if I am home alone. My husband has never hit him so I know that’s not the case. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this with their pets.Our dog is 3 years old. My hubby and I got him at the same time. He’s usually not a skiddish dog. He started this when we moved to Texas in January and at first it was just when my husband was in uniform, but now after moving to Missouri it’s all the time. He now only comes to my husband without peeing if my husband is laying down and paying attention to the other dog. Which by the way our other dog isn’t scared of him.

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    3 Responses to “After BMT my dog hates my husband”

    1. relswete says:

      If your husband is not mean with the dog he will eventually come around. when you r husband lies down he is less threatening..stick a few treats in his pocket and give to the dogs one for the one who is not frightened and one for the dog who is..let the dog come to him..Husband should not approach dog…

    2. jdp says:

      get you husband to start feeding the scared dog. let him give him treats and let the dog come to your husband. with the treats and the food your dog will eventually associate good things with your husband and they will form a bond. let the dog come to him on his own terms. good luck hope the dog comes around

    3. zeussy22 says:

      Well, as crazy as it is to you, it’s certainly real to your dog. For some reason he’s very afraid. The good news is that you can help him over come it.

      Here’s a very good website to help understand submissive urination.

      Try to have your husband reward your dog with some very nice special treats when your dog comes to him on his own. He needs to build trust in your husband, and he can in time. Hopefully your husband is up to the challenge of being a softie for the pup!

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