Adult dog is peing inside in winter weather?

My dog is 2.5 years old, she is a staffordshire bull terrier (female, obviously) and she has begun doing her business (not just peeing, unfortunately) inside often, (But not every time she needs to) even if she’s outside all day. She doesn’t like her kennel (don’t ask why, it MAY be because it is second-hand) and so we leave the garage open so that she can run into it from the yard if it rains while we’re not home. But because of this, she sits in the garage basically the whole time, AND DOESN’T PEE UNTIL SHE’S INSIDE!! That is, when we come home and let her in. If we don’t let her in she basically brakes the door down.

You have no idea how frustrating this is, that she actually WAITS to get inside to pee. Any ideas how to fix this? I’m about to go nuts, guys!!

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7 Responses to “Adult dog is peing inside in winter weather?”

  1. RAM says:

    Put her on a leash and walk her out doors, when she goes and only when she goes walk her indoors and stop by yea ole treat jar for a reward. I ask my Shepherds if they did pots and they give me their right paw to say yes, I then ask if they would like a cookie, again they respond by giving me the right paw and I give them the treat…if I take them out and only one goes…I bring both in and ask the same questions, the one that did not go has to answer now with the left paw for No in order to receive a treat also. Result over time is they always go outside because there is no rewards for inside…only disapproval and i can ask my dogs questions that can be answered with either yes or no and get the right answer believe it or not. But I will say I am with them all the time so constant interaction goes on, they are like two children that can’t speak by mouth so have learn to communicate by other means…with time working with your pet and love as their biggest reward you can get I dog to jump threw fire for you so over coming your issue should pose that big of a challenge Good Luck, and love is key

  2. PatsyAnn says:

    she is upset with you and since she can’t talk you won’t ever know what happened…spend more quality time with her and let her know you are there to take care of her…take her out on a leash each time after waking or eating and stay with her the entire time and refuse to go back in until she has finished…make sure she does both…some dogs do both several times a day so never think she is done until you’ve given quite enough time to have finished…once you gain her trust again she will behave better…i had a chihuahua who didn’t like my neighbor…i could keep her outside and she would DO both and then go visit this one neighbor and she would still squat on the rug…i had to start leaving her at home when i would see the neighbor…there are times we wish our animals could tell us what the problem is, but they can’t so we just guess and do the best we can…but always watch to make sure she is finished before going back inside and you shouldn’t have any more problems…

  3. ginbark says:

    She needs to be inside when no one is home in a crate. There is a strong possiblity a bird, bat or critter scared the beejesus out of her and she associates outside-pee=nasty attack bird. My GSD female would not potty after dark because the bats scared her. She grew out of it but was many months looking up in the All of the outside, either all the time or when no one is home, dogs I know are thundershy. When you get home TAKE HER OUT, and stay out there with her. Use a potty command, get busy, kick a bush, hurry up then reward with tasty treat when she goes. Bring her inside and if she has pottied just watch her, if she hasn’t either crate her or tie her to your belt.

  4. cricketnutoz says:

    Sounds like she is your boss! You need to re-establish control and remind her of her place in the pack, starting with leash training. After you have fed her, take her out on the leash and keep her in one spot in the garden until she wees/poos. Then reinforce with praise and treats. I’d combine this with some old-fashioned obedience training (basics – sit, stay, off, drop etc). And I would personally shut the garage so she has her kennel and the yard available during the day. She won’t want to soil her kennel, so that leaves the yard as her toilet. Good luck!

    (Are you in Australia? Where do you live that’s had rain recently?!)

  5. imezmoreyesu says:

    I would suggest going out with her as soon as you get home. Go out in the garage and make her come outside with you to potty before going in.

  6. dolores h says:

    Go on to the Cesar millan web site , he give alot of info on there , and you can email ,he doesnt always have time to get back ,mostky if you make the question short . He does 4 emails a month .
    But you may be able to find something out on his site .

  7. iluvtorofl says:

    Walk her and let her sniff where other dogs have gone before you bring her in. It’s a simple fix.

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