A yorkie that pees out of spite?

MY bf has a yorkterrier that is five years old and goes potty in the house everytime we don’t take him with us. He still marks his terriory EVERYWHERE we go, including family and friends’ house. If we go into the bedroom and shut the door he’ll pee on the corner of the couch. He knows he is supposed to go outside and when he sees that I have found his little present he hides under the bed. He knows he isn’t supposed to do this and only does it when we leave him home alone or keep him out of a room. I have a three year old pug who does not do this and keeps him company but it doesn’t matter. When we first leave he yelps, raises holy h3ll, scrathes at the windows and tries to tear down the curtains. My bf’s parents kept him for a couple of days and tried to kennel him but they said they raised cain until he nearly passed out, foaming at the mouth, trying to dig his way out of the cage. He’s a very high strung dog that is either sleeping or freaking out because we left him behind.

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6 Responses to “A yorkie that pees out of spite?”

  1. ginbail says:

    Marking is a normal behavior for a male dog, but you can teach him to stop. Simply correct him whenever he’s about to do it, he’ll learn soon enough.
    Spite is a human attribute. Dogs don’t understand spite … their minds are not that complex.

  2. Steel says:

    A couple things that won’t solve it entirely, but will definitely help:

    -Get him neutered.
    -Give him lots of exercise.

    Neutered dogs can still mark, but I’ll bet you he won’t be nearly as frequent about it. I’ve known several cases where dogs that would pee around the house suddenly stopped because they’ve been neutered. And make sure he gets lots of outdoor exercise, either on a long leash or in a fenced area. It sounds like he’s a pretty energetic little dog, and if he can get plenty of exercise, it should wear him out a bit and make him calmer.

    Other than these things, it sounds like he has a major case of separation anxiety. Crate training is a great help for this. He can’t do any damage in a crate, and it’s also great because dogs have a natural den instinct. Plus, dogs don’t like to mess in their sleeping area.

    Practice leaving him for very short periods of time, even leaving him in the crate while you’re in the other room. He has to learn that when you leave, you’ll come back.

  3. Mac says:

    Okay, first of all, he isn’t peeing out of spite. Forget that, okay?

    Your dog is terrified when you leave, that’s all. There are things you can do, but you need help. Get the help of a good trainer/behaviorist, and follow their instructions to the letter. It will involve leaving him for like 5 minutes and coming back, several times a day. Also, you need to not say goodbye when you leave, and not say hello when you return – it has to appear like no big deal that you come and go.

    Also, please please talk to a vet about it! They can give you some meds that will help a lot.

    Your poor little dog gets so scared he makes himself sick – get serious about getting some help for him.

    Also – the peeing is just dog stuff. He’s very territorial is all.
    I would wonder if he’s neutered. A neutered male marks territory far less. It can also help him calm down to be neutered – he won’t be so high-strung.

    I think you can really turn the situation around, but it will take some education on your part, and some work. Do it for him. No doggie should have to be so scared all the time.

  4. tigerseye402 says:

    Dogs do not do things out of spite. That is putting human emotions onto animals. When some dogs are either very excited or very stressed, they will urinate. What he is doing is reacting to what he perceives is a very stressful situation – his people are leaving him and he doesn’t know if they are coming back this time.

    Sounds like he has a severe case seperation anxiety. You should talk to a vet first, to rule out a physical problem, and then a behaviorist.

    A crate, first only used when you are home with him, can be a great help. If you can train him to think of it as his "den", it will become a safe place he can retreat to, rather than a prison that he wants to escape from.

  5. Gentle Giant Canines says:

    Make the dog stay in a crate.

  6. April G says:

    Firstly, those guys aren’t very bright…..but you probably already know that. Yorkies are companion dogs, and as such, as just that — companions, not really trainable. If the dog has not been castrated, you could try that— it would certainly help, but not cure the problem, probably. Thirdly, there are sprays that you can put on furniture. And fourthly, don’t leave him out and about in the house when you leave….. buy a crate, but use it not as a jail, but as a sleeping place….. put him in there to feed him, put goodies in there for him to eat…. make it a place that he has rewards in. Again, you are not dealing with a particularly bright breed…

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