A bunny cage question? Please read.?

I have a question.. I plan on getting a bunny soon and I was wondering about cages.. I want it to be a indoor bunny, and some people have told me dog kennels are good for large bunnies.. ( I plan on getting a fully grown one from a adoption center.) but how would I clean it ? I know dog kennels only come with just one solid bottom and not one where you can just slide it out from the bottom.. would i take the bunny out and just take the plastic bottom out and just clean it? also what kind of bedding should i use? do i use newspaper with hay over it? and same for litter.. do i put newspaper and hay in that too or do i use cat litter?

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2 Responses to “A bunny cage question? Please read.?”

  1. Sarah N. says:

    First of all, don’t get a dog kennel to put the bunny in. Any rabbit, no-mater what size could escape from a dog kennel if they wanted to. I would recommend just getting a proper sized rabbit cage for the bunny if you want to keep it indoors. Big rabbits should be kept in cages with wire bottoms, so make sure that’s the type you get. For my bunnies, I just use pine shavings, but you could also use newspaper too as long as the rabbit doesn’t try to chew it up and eat it. You’ll probably want to get a rabbit litter box, which you can just fill up with pine shavings. Good luck, hope you can find everything that you need!

  2. Kayla says:

    N’awwww :’) <3 i love rabbits, SO adorable! <3

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