3 year old dog went from house broken to unbroken, help?

My 3 year old lab mix has been housebroken since she was just a pup, and now just recently she’s been going to the bathroom in her kennel, an in the house at night, we let her out just as often as we normally do. Nothing has changed, no major losses, no change in her food, we feed her the same. I’m not sure what to do, I’ve completely run out of idea’s, has anyone had anything similar like this? She’s still just as hyper as ever, but could she be sick?

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    3 Responses to “3 year old dog went from house broken to unbroken, help?”

    1. john n says:

      she might have a bladder infection or bowels so u might want to have her urine and stools checked out.sometimes the hormomes change and it could be causing her to loose control and she can’t hold it or because she has gotten away with messing in the house it has become a bad habit.u can scold her when u see the mess and put her right out so she will know not to go in the kennel and make sure she knows u are not pleased,but anything can set it off along with sugar problems or urinary infections. if she continues take her in for a good check up to see whats going on.good luck

    2. love my goldens says:

      She may have a bladder infection. Or, is she is not spayed, she may be going into heat, which makes it harder to hold their urine.

    3. Terry G says:

      It could be an infection, or it could be a behavior issue take her to vet to find out for sure. Also Don’t scold her when you discover the mess as a previous poster mentioned, dogs live in the moment and unless you see it happen in real time the dog will not associate the scolding with the mess. If it’ snot an infection then something has caused a behavior change, you’ll want to do some research on how to correct and/or work with a dog behaviorist to correct the problem

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