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51 quot x 33 quot X Large GoGo Fleece Dog Crate Pad fi

Tweet 51" x 33" X-Large GoGo Fleece Dog Crate Pad – fits most 48" metal wire crates – Extra thick for maximum comfort. The GoGo Pet Bed has full bumpers so you pet can rest its little head. Made to fit most metal wire crates. Other Dog Runs Kennels Resources Precision Great Crate […]


AKC Working Dog Breeds – Working Dogs

Tweet This dog video shares more info about the AKC Working Dog Breed Group – what it is, a brief introduction to all the members of the AKC working dog breed group & more. Want to join our newsletter to learn more – visit Other Dog Runs Kennels Resources Australian Working Dog Rescue […]


What if my dog can't be on a set schedule?

Tweet I have a 5 month old pointer whom I’ve had since he was about 8 weeks old. I wasn’t crating him at first because the crate I had was for a previous dog and it was huge. At first, my puppy was pretty good at using the pee pads, which i placed by the […]


What does it mean if a stranger's dog runs up to me panting,waging their tail,smelling me,and licking me?

Tweet Sometimes when someone is walking their dog their dog comes at me.Sometimes they are leached and sometimes they are not and their owner laughs and says he’s friendly or she’s friendly and sometimes when I walk in my neighborhood a dog I don’t know runs at me then they pant and wag their and […]


enough room for my dogs?

Tweet i have 4 inside dogs which stay in my room with me bc my mother doesnt let them run around in the house and i dont think my room is big enough for them and my mom said if i get enough room for them then i have to get rid of some of […]

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