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my hip hop family neighbors keep their pit bull outside?

Tweet the dad is always in my business when i come and go. I couldnt figure out if he was trying to be friendly or what. They also have a tiny yippy dog they keep inside, and they had a larger dog they claimed died inside the kennel one afternoon. They also play rap, ect […]


Getting rid of my dog?

Tweet Okay, so for my graduation present my grandma got me a puppy (Chloe) that I really wanted. During the summer everything was fine. However, I still live at home but I’m a full time college student, plus I have a part time job. I am gone from home a lot. My mom was recently […]


What has been your experience with kennel cough?

Tweet I adopted a basset hound a week ago from a shelter. At the shelter and the first day we brought him home he was pretty energetic, playful, ate his food and seemed healthy. The second day he started coughing, refused food and seemed very tired. On that day I brought him to the vet. […]


Houston area pet owners (boarding of dogs)?

Tweet does anyone have first hand experience with any kennels that board dogs for when owners are traveling. I’m looking for one that is cage free by day and put’s them up at night in crate. Other Dog Runs Kennels Sites Online A first-hand experience of super fast broadband in Lekki Nigeria | Oluniyi D. […]


Slum Village-Raise It Up

Tweet Slum Village-Raise It Up Album-Fantastic Vol.2 Other Dog Runs Kennels Sites Online Free Download MP3 Album Slum Village – Villa Manifesto EP Slum Village – Raise It Up Slum Village – Dope Man | 5STARHIPHOP.COM

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