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Do you think this could work?

Tweet Say you have 2 cats that are happily enjoying the security of a nice, warm, and loving home inside. One day your cats bolted out your front door when you opened it to go outside. Now they have a taste of the outside world. So now you get your cats back safely inside your […]


How to keep dog off of new furniture and rugs?

Tweet We have new furniture (leather) and new rugs (wool) in the two rooms by the front door. My dog goes ballistic when anyone comes to the door, jumped on the furniture to look out and acts all ferocious… We haven’t put down the rugs yet… we have hardwood floors… but I do know that […]


How do you take a break with a easily stressed dog?

Tweet My one border collie has behavioral issues that we’ve been working to solve with vets, behavorists, nutritionists, animal communicators, and top end trainers. He’s had a really bad week, and its been really stressful on me! (he’s had his problems for about a year now, he’s only 1yr5months). I am just trying to figure […]


New dog from animal shelter, questions?

Tweet Hello, I’ve been looking for a dog for some time, visiting animal shelters etc., and today I’ve finally found a dog in animal shelter that I want ! I’m babysitting my brother’s cat atm, so I will get the dog tommorow, but I do have some questions before. -> The dog is about 3/4-1 […]


How do you train an older puppy?

Tweet We have a 7 month old puppy who has been in a small kennel most of her life. She’s doing very well with house training but, she lacks in listening. Is she being more difficult because of being somewhat neglected or is she just a normal puppy? She got off of her outside chain […]

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