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Why does my dog run up to me and my girlfriend whenever we are Kissing?

Tweet Every time my girlfriend kiss me my dog is right there crying or if I go up to her he does the same thing. He can be in another room if he hears us kissing or talking cute to each other he runs into the room crying and trying to get in between us […]


We can't keep our dog home.?

Tweet We have a 3 yr. old lab. He has always been an outdoor dog-never chained up or kenneled. He roamed the neighborhood a little but all the neighbor dogs do. He disappeared and we called the radio station. The people that had him finally called after 4 days and he was not 1/2 mile […]


California gurls… New program – VodeoPad Editor

Tweet New program, new vid. I have many pht, but i make this vid to try new fucking program VideoPad Editor… My windows movie maker is not working… T_T poor my intro… ;[ Pls, help me with my vid production. ;[[[ Other Dog Runs Kennels Sites Online Microsoft Windows Movie Maker 2: Do Amazing Things […]


What kind of carpet/rug won't shed?

Tweet We’ve lived in our house for almost two years and have the most annoying rug in the living room. It sheds constantly and it’s like having a pet! I’m getting really sick of it as don’t like putting my baby son down on the floor to play as he ends up covered in white […]


De-matting a dog?

Tweet I have a rescued pet, but he has a severely matted coat. I have heard that I need to have him shaved. But will this procedure hurt my new pet or put him in any danger. Please Help! Other Dog Runs Kennels Sites Online How To Groom a Dog with a Tangled and Matted […]

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