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Charley – Herding Clinic – Flanking training

Tweet This short video shows how to use a pen in the middle of the arena to work on wide flanking. The pen has a quick release which the handler can open when the dog gets to the top of the outrun (the near cone). Charley is learning to flank wider, and the goal is […]


Dog and Child – Sweet or Dangerous – Contest

Tweet Please watch this video twice. For many of us, this video evokes many precious childhood memories so give yourself a moment to enjoy this as you watch it though. Then watch a second time count how many things this child does that could evoke a bite response which could result in the maiming or […]


PetSafe Tales – Clearly He Doesn’t Like Me –

Tweet From – PetSafe Tales Real Pets. Real People. Real Stories. In “Clearly He Doesn’t Like Me”, Mike tells the story of his cats, Shelby and Luna, rescued as kittens from a swimming pool, and the challenges he’s faced preventing them from destroying his house. For more information on PetSafe pet deterrent products, visit […]


Oriental Rug Repair Boynton Beach

Tweet Phone: 561 434 0234: Palm Beach County Company 434 0234: Palm Beach County/We only Hand wash all rugs that enter our 5000 square foot cleaning plant. The complete process can be seen on our webpage, where we have been cleaning rugs for Miami/Dade, Broward and Palm Beach with quality hand washing, […]


How do I get my dog to stop going potty in his kennel!?

Tweet It’s weird I’ve never had a dog like him before. He’s so smart but he turns around and does stupid stuff like that. He’s done it the past few days then he stands there and shivers because he doesn’t want to lay in it. This morning was an even bigger surprise cause he pooped […]

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