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best floors for kennel? and cleaning stuff?

Tweet i am working at a doggi day care and i would like to know whats the best flooring for the dogs? we have like painted cement, but the paint chips off and living in utah, it gets very very cold, what would be best to replace the floor? something that cleans up easy and […]


Dog bit baby?What is dogs fate now?

Tweet So about 5 minutes ago my dog of 5 years just bit my 9 month old on the forehead. It’s not a bad bite at all-no ER or doctors needed it’s a tiny scratch with an insta bruise-the dog has no bottom teeth and his top ones are loose-so you can see it would […]


My dog doesnt destroy the house, he gets very hyper runs around then randomly jumps up starts to bite at my?

Tweet arm. He has a kennel but only goes in it when we travel. He has always been very hyper. I am looking into getting him neutured (15 months old now). We were going to breed him, that’s why he has not been neutured yet. it seems like he just starts running back and forth […]


getting a dog for xmas ! 10 points !!?

Tweet i am getting a dog for xmas (i know that dogs are not just for xmas they are a lifelong commitment) and during the winter months it gets very cold and i want to keep my new puppy in the house but my mom and dad don’t want it to be kept inside they […]


Do ya'll think dogs live ok in kennels?

Tweet The reason I am asking is because a friend of mine has 6 dogs that stay outside in kennels. She goes out and lets them run loose in a kennel run that is about an acre all together everyday. She has a nice dog house for each one and she has all of their […]

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