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anyways to make my dog's kennel warm besides buying a heated mat. something that i could do myself?

Tweet my parents won’t let him in the house. it’s like 30 degrees every night. and i dont got the money to buy expensive heaters. plus my dog will probably mess it up. how could i make his kennel warmer? Other Dog Runs Kennels Sites Online Money Multiplier in India « Mostly Economics Money and […]


my dog hasnt pooped in 1 day but i woke up this morning to change his crate pad and he had poop stains on it?

Tweet My dog has IVD and is in crate rest. He eats but not as much as he did before he got IVD. when he first gets a onset of it he doesn’t poop for 2 days. But then he starts pooping again. He did the same thing with this onset, my vet told me […]


Dyses | Foster Dog | Crate/ Mat

Tweet Dyses learning to go back and forth from her crate to her mat using clicker training. Other Dog Runs Kennels Sites Online


is it okay to put the puppy mats in the crate with my dog and have her train to use the potty on them ?

Tweet I use the puppy training pads and they are supposed to have this certain smell so your dog can use it to go potty but i put it in her crate and try to get her to use it when she comes out to potty but it seems she uses it in her crate […]


How do I remove a pet stain from a sisal rug?

Tweet I returned from a trip to find the dog had vomited on my sisal rug. The pet sitter put paper towels to soak it up so the stain had plenty of time to set. I’ve tried blotting it with a water-soaked towel and that seemed to help, but there still is a large, dark […]

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