2-3 yr old Males, First Coast Bully Bash, Dec. 12th ABKC Pitbull Show

Check out our video of this past weekends ABKC show held by 1st Coast Bullies in Green Cove Springs, FL just outside of Jacksonville. It was a rainy day but we had plenty of cover under the pavillion for everyone and their dogs. Shouts out to all that attended Blow Genes, Pitbull Gear, Wee Doo Pits, Southern Pride, Southern Blues Bullies, Carolina Blues, Trill Pits, Go Big or Go Home Kennels, Certified Bullies, and all others who attended. There were special guest ABKC judges DJ Stewart and Skip Miller who judged the two shows. We brought up a few of our dogs from the FBC Crew, (Memphis, Louie V, Caprice, Vlado, Tyson, and Dos) and showed them in the show. Caprice took 2-3 yr old female twice, Vlado got 2nd n 3rd in 2-3 Males it wasd a close call and wish he would have been given first but well get it next time, Tyson took 2nd and 3rd in 6-9 months, and Memphis took 2nd n 3rd in 3+ males. Louie V did great in the show ring but had stiff competition good job Josh in showing Louie V! Shout outs to Miguel on our new additions to the FBC Crew helped out big in helping transport the dogs. It was a long but fun show, got to get more kennels out to these shows to promote the American Bully !!! Check out the youtube.com/floridabullyconnect because we will have a bunch of videos from the show. Stay posted because we got some big things poppin!!! www.floridabullyconnect.com Add us on all your social networks http www.facebook.com www.twitter.com

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