.`• ♥.¸.•´ What Kind of Gift would You Give 2 Your Most HATED Anime Charrie? .`• ♥.?

*Charrie means Character << Just wanna make it shorter…

C’mon, even tho you hated that anime character… give them something! >=DD

I would give:

Shirley Fennette (Code Geass): Dirty pics of Lelouch x Suzaku or Lelouch x CC
Uchiha Sasuke (Naruto): Eyeliners and knives/broken glasses (in case if he wanted to cut himself >.>)

You can list as many as you like…


Titbit Q:

What gift would you give to your Contacts? (Can be anything, either valuable or useless =P)

I’m being nice now so I’m going to list as many Contacts that I could think of~ (p/s: All the gifts are RANDOM, so if you don’t like it, just like it! I’m playing Santa now >=DD)

B is Prince the Ripper: Belphegor’s crown
Stabby: A ‘Gir’ stuffy
Mizu: Condoms and Viagra xP JKJK *runs away from Mizu*
BWA: A tricycle
Claire_Pirate: An eyepatch
Chou: Crayons
Miyuki: Cinderella’s slippers
Kona-Chan: Champagne
Darth: Rat poison
AdDam: A bandana
Aarigatou: A pet piranha
Kyun_Spark: Bombs
Solcrest: A helmet
Kiki: Toothpaste
NU: Socks
Anbu Kunoichi: Slippers
Lex: An egg
Dango: A mango
Tri_Edge: Playboy mag (the limited edition one)
Mat: Toilet tissue papers
FreedomWingz: Fortune cookies
Amber 1020: A violin
Kira Kira: Pebbles
Talrimk: Bun-Bun
Ikuzonas << Did I get your name right? O_O””: A Banishing Gun
Jazmin: The Death Note
Shadow Mist: A rubber penguin
Hindu Boy: Lolipop
Dani: Plasters
Uchiha [kanji]: Coffee beans
Exo Coul: A dress
Niam: A Chucky doll

::: And if I mentioned you at my list, what would you gonna do with your gift?

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12 Responses to “.`• ♥.¸.•´ What Kind of Gift would You Give 2 Your Most HATED Anime Charrie? .`• ♥.?”

  1. ikuyiasoznas says:

    Hahaha……thank you for trying!! You got most of it right 🙂 My name is odd, but I like it. It’s just my favorite Anime character and my favorite Anime spelled backwards: ikuyiasoznas = sanzosaiyuki. Not too original, but I like it! Oh…..love the gift, thank you!!!!!!!

    I would give Kagome (Inuyasha) some alum. Might be easier to give her some glue……for her mouth! I don’t really care for her at all. I’ve probably made some enemies now……………………

    >.< You would really give Darth some rat poison??? Poor guy gets no respect 🙁

    I have way too many contacts, but I like them all! I won’t list all of them, but I would like to list a few:

    Fullmetal (can’t remember her current namw……sorry!!!): A super-duper flame thrower! You know like a huge Super-Soaker but this shoots flaaaaaaaaaaaaaames!!!!

    Stabby: A pair of knives fashioned after the swords in the Prince of Persia game!

    Tri: His deepest desire. I was going to say Evil Hamsters, but having your deepest desire sounds more fun!

    You: A really nice set of wind chimes with butterflies and hummingbirds on it 🙂

    Lucky…..Uchiha gets coffee beans!

    ForeverMe & Heather: A never-ending supply of Yaoi!!!!!

    You know, I think Shirley might be more pi$$ed at the Lelouche/CC pics. Give her those ones and share the Lelouche/Susaku pics with me!!!

  2. redbaron1625 says:

    my most hated charater in anime is Ino from "naruto". If there was anything I could give her it would either be a condom or a chasity belt.

  3. ßŀǺ¢K_௰îИG∑Ð_ⓐşşΛşşîИ says:

    I’d give Shirley (Code Geass) a mature rating picture of Lelouch and Suzaku together.

    Misa Amane (Death Note): a picture of L and Light doing "stuff" together on a bed

    Nina (Code Geass): a rampage of Japanese people going after her

    I’d ride my tricycle. Thank you.

    Exo Soul: Death Note movies
    You: Lelouch poster
    Shockwave: Going Merry ship
    Chou: Aya Touji
    Shaku: a Death Note
    Kira Kira: a poster, featuring all her fav. hot guys
    Amber1020: sketch book
    AdDam: $100,000
    Kona-Chan: laptop
    Foxy: a year supply of rice balls
    Anbu: ninja stars
    FMA: Ed plushie
    Niam: 100 manga books of his choice
    Kenshin71…: Rurouni Kenshin series, plus OVAs, and movie
    Sakura-hime: a credit card
    Sachiko-hime: a one win ticket to Japan
    Dani: anime stickers
    Darth: anime convention ticket

  4. AriGatō! says:

    a broken old tennis racket -_- ——-> to Echizen Ryoma, I wanted to give him a more creepy gift but since he’s cold and doesn’t care I’ll give him this broken racket to break his heart and make him feel sorry >:D

    -_-" a piranha? isn’t that a bit risky?! lol Bel I don’t want my hand to get cut, they eat meat and have sharp teeth, lol xD but I promise I’ll take care of it and I’ll have my hand cut evry now and then X)

    and ummmm I’ll give you *thinks what bel likes* a really cute anime girl wearing a black dress holding a big scythe covered in blood ^^

  5. purpleCat says:

    I can’t decide between Light Yagami and Misa Amane.

    Light: I’ll bring L back to life. That oughta scare him
    Misa: Pictures of Light hanging out with Takada Kiyomi and their conversations, especially the part where he asks Takada to be his Goddess of the new world

  6. Trishyyyy says:

    this is hard…

    id give..@.@ there’s only one anime on my head ight now but ive watched so many animeee!


    elie(fom rave)
    >=] id give her coins for her gambling addiction, but before that id plan a bomb in the casino then when she uses it she’ll go boom!!! bai bai elie =D

    Edit: ohhh!! i remember! i wanna add onee!!! please? anyways im adding even if you say no =P

    Miyaka(from fushigi, i hate her!!!)- >=] id uhh..oh i dont know what to give her…i just wanted to say i hate her..uhmmmmm, can i steal? i wanna steal, i shall steal her bf >=] wait, i dont like him. ill throw him back at her XD then if give her a slap!

    @.@ ur questions make me hyper

  7. Leigh M says:

    hmmm. tough question lol i dont really think i hate any anime characters. i always think the evil ones are kool and the mean ones always turn out nice haha. i guess i would give the pokemon characters in the newer series, with the different voices, a time machine that only goes back to the first few seasons / a giant explosive -_-. the new ones SUCK and kill the memories of pokemon completely. and if it counts azula from avatar can have removal of her powers and the death penalty. i hate her i guess lol. shes so evil and heartless, even as a child. hmmm il have to start getting my hate on with anime characters so i can answer this question better lol. and since i have just spent the past hour trying to think of anime characters i hate i am marking this quesion as interesting.

    P.S. im sory if my answers werent anime enough lol

  8. lUV.KiERA. ♥;; says:

    Mikaru from Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch… I would prescribe the wrong meds for her. I really don’t like her… >.<‘

  9. ♓ ÇђÚ_4_ℓ♆ƒ∃ ♓ says:

    This is great I get crayons <.<

    I’d give Ledouche bag, Inuyfaga, Hinawhore, Fuckura and C.Creep a geodude. It would selfdestruct so they all die xP


    You –> Ledouche bag bag xP

  10. krispblood says:

    The wrapper to the piece of gum I’m chewing.

  11. ღβ. ι§ ρяιηςз тђе яιρρεл ×:私は愛する says:

    I just remembered in the movie Disturbia when these kids put a flaming bag of dog poo on the guys doorstep. Aha… I should give that as a present.


    Ha… ha. *ahem* Just kidding of course.

    Well, I’ll give Zero a.. damn. I just can’t think of anything to give him. -___- Oh! I know! A hat with bottles of Yuuki’s blood attached on the sides and with neon straws coming out from the bottles. So it’s like one of those portable drinky things you wear on your head. Pretty neat, huh? Lol XD

    Titbit Q:

    Hell yeah. I get Belphegor’s crown! ^^ *eyes sparkle with admiration* Awesome! Arigatou gozai masu! I’m sooo gonna wear it ALL the freakin’ time. Especially at school so everyone can be jealous of me.


    Well I give..

    Bel: I’ll kidnap Hibari and of course Chrome. Then wrap them in a neat little box then ship it out to you. Then when you open it, confetti’s gonna pop out and Hibari’s gonna be like "Damn her for putting me in a box. I’ll bite her to death." XP

    AdDam: a kite
    BWA: a really sharp sword
    Fma: a pretty red ribbon for her hair
    Chu: mousepad
    Foxy: juicebox
    Exo Soul: a lantern
    Blak Leg Luffy: Luffy’s hat
    Flame Haze: chocolate scented candles
    Kona chan: Christmas tree
    Darth: a bomb

    =) Ja ne

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